Photo Gallery

Random photos from life.

Nov 2010 Dogs packed onto reclining chair, clockwise from 12:00 – Fleur, Peri, Bonner, Tizzy

Nov 2010 Tizzy has learned the command “Leave It!” (ps that’s yam)



Bonner herding sheep

Polly, Bonner, Peri

Bonner got stuck on bookshelf going after an escaped kibble

Mar 2006 Portrait of Polly with her daughters Peri, Bonner, and Fleur the day before she passed

Bonner and Fleur at 6wks old

Polly never did see any reason for “take it hold it,” but retrieving was great

“Homecoming.” Jordan returning from shows, watching are Sadie (visitor), Bonner, Fleur, Ty

Peri and Trev as pups


Note the pix right below this one!



Toilet training the dogs?

Land of my birth. Green soaring mountains, deep blue seas

Bishop Museum



Brother and Family

Dad and Sis

Gramps Tutu




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