PACH Stillwater Little Bit Of A Tizzy Fit AX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX NF OFP

Born: 21 Aug 2010
Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, DM carrier,
vWD carrier by parentage, eyes ACVO clear 10wks
(Sire: Trengate Winchester x Stillwater China Doll)

Tizzy is a very fast drivey agility dog, often in the Top 10 Preferred rankings. Super fun but also somewhat a challenge to my handling skills with her speed. She’s my second Heart dog after Peri.

Below is a photo essay of the development of her sabling from a puppy.

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3

6.4 months

19 weeks, now has a ruff!

17.5weeks, skullcap
darker, dark under eyes seems
to be lightening. Blaze on top
of skull hasn't been white in awhile,
but it's hanging in there.


6.4 months

11weeks, mask on head,
blaze mostly gone

3 weeks, blurry pix!


6 years, a bit more sabling appeared over time

6.4 months, just poofed up. Topline, alas, continues to be troublesome despite the photo. Sure wish it would get better, as she’s looking great otherwise!

21weeks, look at the coat! Color is pretty stable. Topline is really so-so alas, despite looking decent in this photo. Pix from Judge’s side “aren’t to be seen.” She looks longer now but really isn’t, probably due to having pants.

15 weeks, with sabling

11 weeks, early very dark puppy coat has vanished. Sabling markings appeared by 12wks.

6 weeks, early dark puppy coat that indicated she might be a sable.
Sorry for the poor stacking job! Top and left background
was photoshopped out as it was very busy.




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