Emrys Midnight littermates

(Am/Can Ch Leftbank The Stars At Night CDAm/Can Ch Evanwhits Without A Doubt CDX OA AXP AJP PHC VC)

Curiously, when I decided on “Midnight” as a litter theme before the pups were born, I thought all the pups would be red and white. Well, mom was hiding a sneaky little tri gene (we knew dad had it), and SURPRISE! The Midnight theme really fit! Even more suprising was that the tri pups were black-headed tris. The black-headed tri color factoring is recessive to the red-headed tri color factoring, both of which are recessive to the red color factoring. All of which means that you don’t see black-headed tris too often.

The litter consisted of 5 boys (2 black-headed tris, 3 reds) and 3 girls (1 black-headed tris, 2 reds). The following pictures are of the pups at various ages. Peri, Edgar, and Trev have their own pages, go back one page to see them.

Above – Putz at 4wks (l), 12 wks-first nite home with his dad (center, photo by his owners), and 6 months (r)

Above – Sailor at 4 wks (l), 6.5 months (r, photo by owners)

Above – Thistle at 8wks (l), and at ca 10 months (r, photo by owner)

Above – Lady (l) and Toby (r) at 8 wks

Above – ca 1wk old.
Top: Toby.
Center (left to right): Trev, Edgar, Lady, Thistle, Putz, Peri.
Bottom: Sailor.



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