MACH Haley Cambria Dash of Sun UD RA PHC CGC

Dash also has UKC and Canadian obedience titles. He is certified with Therapy Dog Inc, he brings joy to the nursing home in Snohomish. This year we traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 2008 AKC National Agility Championship. This summer (2008) Dash earned both his MACH & UD. Dash is a great little competitor, but most importantly an exceptional companion.

Dash is named after a great poem “The Dash.” The poem is about what matters most, how we live and love. It’s about understanding and respect, what is true and what is real.

I am so Thankful to Carrie Hale, Dash’s breeder for allowing me to have this special boy. Many Thanks also to Liz Myhre for breeding Dash’s sire and for putting a bug in my ear about his litter.

Kathy Brown



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