Van Security Door, Honday Odyssey

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Right door from outside, general overview

Back panel of right door


Front panel of right door

Front panel of left door showing polycarb window for driver left rear visibility


Botton frame from right side, from outside

Bottom frame from right side, from inside (2 images pieced together). Note that the 2x4 along bottom is wedged between front passenger seatbelt bolt and curve of back bottom of van door frame (see arrows) to prevent it from being moved forward or backwards.



Bottom 2x4 of frame was cut in half then spliced together with bolts through a metal plate (aka strap tie) so it can be removed from van when needed. Brads (mini nails) in the extra holes of metal plate prevent them from going side to side, but watch out for dog paws meeting brads.

Top left of frame, looking from front seat backwards. Back crossboard is a 2x4, front one is a 2x2. Both are bolted onto the top of the door frame with a bolt for so so all can be removed from van in 2 halves when needed.


Front of right side of top framework.

Rear of right side of top framework.


Bottom rightside framework viewed from above. Shows order of fitting pieces to van.

Top: View of framework and van from rear of van. Bottom: top of framework against roof, viewed from underneath.


Door should be built into frame after frame is up, to best fit frame dimensions and irregularities. Security hinges that have non-removable pins need to be used. I attached the hinge onto the outer side 2x4 frame around the door, then screwed a 2x2 over that so the hinge could not be unscrewed from the outside. The rear panel was then screwed onto the 2x2.



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