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8' A-frame (basics courtesy Kay Jackson). Light duty, must be carefully placed for stability, can be carried by one light duty person in one piece.


  • 1 4'x 8'x 1/2" plywood cut (let lumber store cut it) into two 2'x8' pieces. Thicker plywood is better but will add weight.
  • 6 1"x2"x8' to stiffen plywood.
  • 3 8' strips (you choose preferred slat size) cut into 2' strips for slats
  • screws long to screw in slats and plywood supports without poking thru.
  • -2 door hinges.
  • bolts just long enough to go thru: plywood, holes in hinges, and nuts.
  • nuts for the above bolts.
  • 4 eyebolts (somewhat open) with 8 nuts (2 on either side of plywood) to attach chain.
  • 2 chains ca 100" long for a variety of A-frame heights.
  • sandy paint.

Whole Aframe from a distance showing slats

Underside of Aframe showing 1x2's stiffening plywood.


Underside of Aframe showing hinges.

Top side of Aframe showing how hinges are bolted in on the top, bolt chain hooks similarly.


Jump, no wings.


  • 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC. (modify to heights, widths wanted)
  •  T's for above PVC.
  • VC glue if wish.
  •  1 pair plastic closet rod hangers, more if you want different jump heights.
  • Colored vinyl electrical tape for bar striping (I used colored duct tape, it sheds quickly).

One side of wing jump.

Jump, winged.


  • 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC, modify to heights, widths wanted.
  • 14 T's for above PVC (note in pix the 4-way connecter should be a T.
  • 4 L's for above PVC.
  • PVC glue if wish.
  • 1 pair plastic closet rod hangers, more if you want different jump heights.
  • Colored vinyl electrical tape for bar striping.

Teeter. Always use screws instead of nails. Use the longest screw you can without it coming out the other side.

Note that this version has the main plank cut so it can break down into 2 sections, but this does weaken the plank. Not for heavier/hard hitting dogs. The 2 plank sections are held together by a section of 1x2 overlapping and pinned to the base support 1x2's.


Base of teeter resting on broad jump planks.

Screw plank onto the 1" side of the 1"x2"s from the top of plank one inch in from the plank edge. Cut two 2'x4's to fit between the 1"x2"s and screw in from top and sides thru 1"x2"s. Fit PVC into pipe hangers and screw pipe hangers onto 2'x4's.7

Base of teeter resting on broad jump planks.


  • 1.25"Schedule 40 PVC (use 1.5" if you can fit it to pipe hanger).
  • 2 T's for above PVC.
  • 6 L's for above PVC.
  • PVC glue if wish but do not glue upright supports on either end to rest of frame if you wish to have a variable height teeter. Simply have different height pairs of uprights to swap depending on teeter height wished.
  • Plank of width and length desired (I used 12" wide x 3/4" thick). -2 1"x2" as long as plank. -2 metal pipe hangers that fit closely but still a tad loose around PVC.
  • 2 short 2'x4' sections to nail between 1"x2"s to screw pipe holders onto.
  • Screws as needed.



  • 1.5" Schedule 40 PVC. (modify to heights, widths wanted)
  • 4 T's for above PVC.
  • 2 L's for above PVC.

  • -4 end caps for above PVC if wish.
  • ca 12ft length of 4" corrugated drainage tubing (cut down as needed to get regulation diameter).

  • -PVC glue if wish.
  • bolt-ended hook with nut to run thru top PVC to hang tire, or bolt with hole in end and put ring in hole to hook chain thru.
  • chain to hang tire
  • dog collar to put around tire to hang from chain
  • 2 straps to hold sides of tire to frame.
  • ? tape for tire striping (I used colored duct tape, it sheds quickly but electrical tape is too narrow).

Bottom of Chute showing 2x4's and strap.

Dead Cheap E-Z Tacky Chute.


  • 1 small garbage can, size as wish (20 gal in pix?).
  • 1 cloth (painting drop cloth shown here, shower curtain is good too), sew (ick) as needed
  • 2 lengths of 2'x4's almost as long as garbage can (gives weight and stability to can).
  • screws to screw thru inside of garbage can into 2x4s.
  • strap to hold cloth onto garbage can (between rim and handles).
  • blinders to put on agility visitors so they don't see how tacky this is

8' plank Dog Walk
with removable ramps (elbow braces hook thru hinge)

Materials, PVC frame:

  • 1.5" Schedule 40 PVC. (modify to heights, widths wanted)
  • 16 L's to fit PVC above
  • 16 T's to fit PVC above
  • PVC glue or screws
Materials, top plank and ramps:
  • 3 8' planks (I used 12" x 3/4")
  • 6 8' 1"x2"s
  • screws for all, slats may be nailed
  • 4 4" sturdy door hinges.
  • 3" x 3/4" sturdy elbow metal corner braces that fit thru hinge joint of hinge.
  • slats for ramp, sized to your preference
  • some 2"x4" wood, prob 1 8'er is enough.
  • 8 pipe hangers to fit PVC (optional, if want to secure top plank to PVC).
  • sandy paint.

PVC frame of Dog Walk.


PVC Frame (do 1st). I made it 35" tall but can't remember if this is exactly to AKC 8' dogwalk plank specs. I also didn't attach it to the top plank as it breaks down better that way, but you do have to doublecheck that the top plank is secure on top of the frame each time you use it. You can use pipe hangers for perminante attachment, or figure something else out that's detachable.

Make sure the width of the top support of the PVC frame is slightly wider between (not including) the T's than the width of the top plank, this should be 12" for a 12" wide ramp (as 12" planks are typically less than 12" wide). Base measurements are 2'x4'.

Ramp attachment point, ramp is upsidedown

Ramps/Plank. Screw 1" side of 1x2's to edge of all plank/ramps thru top. Nail or screw slats onto ramp. Fit 2x4 section between 1x2's on very end of each end of top plank. Take door hinges apart, put pins back in one side as shown in pix. Screw 2 hinges side by side onto 2x4 on bottom of end of plank (pin end sticking out past edge of 2x4, THINK carefully how far before screwing). Put plank on frame, hold ramp against plank and cut top end of ramp at an angle to be flush with plank. Nail 2x4 between 1x2's at top end of ramp and screw elbow corner braces (as shown in pix) onto 2x4 BUT MAKE SURE THEY FIT into the gaps in the hinge first! Usually you will have to keep one ramp always on one specific end of the plank so number them. Fit ramps to plank on frame. If attaching top plank to frame with pipe holders put screw 2 2x4's side by side between 1x2's where would attach frame, then screw the pipe holders around the PVC onto the plank. I left mine loose.

Ramp attachment point from underside


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