Finding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy how to find a good breeder, what genetic problems corgis have, temperaments, coat types, about contracts.

Corgi Behavior, Training, Agility

Aggression in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and How to Increase Your Leader Status  – Pems have a reputation for being biters and dog aggressive. Here’s information to help avoid this in the first place.

The Concept of Training: Training Training – Training doesn’t work until a pup understands the concept of training!

Dogs Training Dogs: Training by Example – how to let your experienced dogs train your youngsters, for faster training and greater drive.

Lost Dog Prevention – how to prevent your dog from getting lost, and to increase your chances of a lost dog getting home.

Grooming Table Wicket photo – how to set up a wicket at home for measuring and practicing measuring your dog for conformation or agility. Needed: grooming table and arm, tape measure.

Agility Equipment plans – photos of light duty agility equipment you can build for your backyard. PVC frames. Note:for corgi-sized dogs, NOT hard hitting or larger breeds. A-frame, jump, teeter, wing jump, tire, 8′ dogwalk, chute, tire. Lots of pix so slow loading.

Agility Excel worksheet for keeping track of legs, titles, MACH points and QQ’s.


Socializing Your Dog for Health-Related Equipment – Don’t wait till your dog gets an injury to get it used to bandages, Elizabethan collars, or a cart for spinal/degenerative myelopathy problems. Pre-socialize them to health related “attachments” so they don’t have to deal with something new and scary on top of pain or other problems that will increase stress levels and hinder recovery.

When is it Time? – (pdf) When is it the right time to help your dog cross the Rainbow Bridge? This is a tough decision, but the one thing you want to do is not let your dog suffer.

Building a PVC Wheel Cart (pdf) for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or similar sized dog with rear problems. See your vet for proper diagnosis of health problems.

How to build a PVC framed dog wheelchair ramp off a deck, Version 1, and Version 2

Corgi Colors

Development of Red in Black-headed and Red-headed Tricolor Pembrokes, and why those “almost black and white” Pembrokes are not B&W.

Photo Essay of a Sable vs a Red , not as revealing as you’d think!

Inheritance of Coat Colors in Pembrokes. What can produce what.


Photos of a van security screen door. Honda Odyssey


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